Pathfinder Society games at the Open Day

The Pathfinder Society will also be running Open Day games at the Gamers Guild, on April 18th. These games are specially designed as an introduction to roleplaying games and the Pathfinder Society.

As well as introductory roleplaying games, the Pathfinder Society will be running demonstration games of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.


Pathfinder Society Quest: The Silverhex Chronicles

A series of six Quests designed for 1st-level characters.
When the daring half-orc scholar Ulisha enrages a noble family in the River Kingdoms, she contacts the PCs with a special deal: she will sell them a unique and ancient druidic relic at a steep discount to secure the gold she needs to pay off her bounty. By the time the PCs arrive to meet her, she has gone into hiding. However, she has left behind a journal full of profitable leads as a sign of good faith. Can the PCs recover this hidden wealth and claim the powerful Silverhex before an assassin finds their friend?
The Silverhex Chronicles includes six, 1-hour adventures that take the PCs to a graveyard in Gralton, a mist-choked forest in Ustalav, a brainwashed village in Razmiran, an ancient crash site in Numeria, and the perilous city of Daggermark. Experience the adventures in any order to create a unique story.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild Adventure 0-1: Lost at Sea

After being ruthlessly press-ganged by some bloodthirsty pirates from the Isles of the Shackles, you and your newfound allies have risen up in mutiny to throw your captor captain and his scurvy mates overboard, and taken their merchantman vessel as your own. With no set destination in mind, and little to no experience with the privateer’s way of life, you set sail to explore the western frontiers of the Inner Sea. You’ll encounter sharks, ghosts, freaky denizens of the deep, and worst of all—other pirates.

These games are being brought to the Gamers Guild Open Day thanks to the assistance of the Perth Pathfinder Society.


Open Day Games: The Great Train Robbery, and Pirates vs Redcoats

Here are two more games you could play at the Open Day!

Please RSVP for these games by emailing


J.P. Murdoch. Businessman, entrepreneur, politician, ladies man, exceedingly wealthy low down dirty scoundrel and murderer. This is the man you have been dying to get revenge on for the last few years of your lives, and now in a quaint little town called Destiny, the chance has arisen. Some time during the next few days Murdoch will be travelling through the town by train and the rumours say he has a whole lot of cash with him. This might be the best chance you’ll ever have to steal a piece of his fortune, and maybe exact some much needed payback on the villain. Can you execute the biggest train robbery of the decade and get out alive? Or will you die in the dust like so many others before you?

SYSTEM: Sidewinder – D20 Wild West

Players, 4-5

Duration 3-4 Hours



Join Mister Aldous Flynn, Captain of the Narwhale, expelled English Navy Lieutenant and notorious Pirate of the Caribbean as he plunders his way across the seven seas. It is the golden age of Piracy, you are free men and women making a living by raiding the trade ships. Avoid the bad weather, hide from the Redcoats and the Spanish Galleons and seek your fortune wherever it may lie. Two items of interest have come to your attention recently. Firstly, the Spanish have established a new gold mine and an expensive source has given insight into their transport route, and secondly, word has arrived from England that a terrifying new type of ship has been dispatched with the sole purpose of hunting pirates. It is said to be bigger, faster and more heavily armed than any other ship before it. Is this the end of piracy as you know it, or just some false rumour created to scare the outlaws of the New World?


Players 4-5

Duration 3-4 Hours


These games are brought to the Guild by the good folks of the “Final Frontiers” Perth RPG Meetup group.

Final Frontiers

Perth, AU
172 Explorers

Final FrontiersThis is the Meetup group for all Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming and Role Playing fans…Introduction:It matters not what your final frontier is… be that…

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URGENT: Last Minute Guild Partial Closure

Hi everyone,

The Rod Evans Community Centre administration has accidentally double-booked the hall on Saturday 28th March (tomorrow). Unfortunately, the Gamers Guild was only notified this morning.

The Gamers Guild will not have access to the hall after 6 pm this Saturday. So, the Guild will be open as normal in the afternoon, but will not be open in the evening. Evening games will need to find another venue or cancel.

We apologise whole-heartedly for the late notice.

Open Day will be a free event

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to say that the Gamers Guild will not be charging any attendance fees to any attendees at our Open Day on April 18th.

The Gamers Guild generally does not charge anyone coming to the Guild for the first time, but we are extending that policy to cover everyone who comes to the Open Day, including regular Guild players.

If you’re planning to come along to the Open Day, please RSVP by joining our Facebook event or emailing, to help us plan the games.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Open Day Game – Star Wars: Shattered Skies

And here’s another game to play at the Gamers Guild Open Day on April 18th.

Star Wars – Shattered Skies

The civil war is in its final hours. The evil Galactic Empire has enslaved the peaceful floating city of Serne. The heroic Rebellion, unable to send their forces in time, have activated a small team of hardened mercenaries to rescue Serne’s helpless citizens. Flown in by a pair of smugglers, the team will soon discover that Empire has far darker plans in mind for Serne than mere slavery…

System: Savage Worlds
4-6 Players
Estimated time: 4 hours

Here are the characters you could play:

Characters for the Star Wars: Shattered Skies game

Characters for the Star Wars: Shattered Skies game

More Open Day games

Hi everyone!

I thought it would be nice to post a few more game blurbs for what will be on offer at the Guild Open Day on April 18th.

Warhammer 40,000: Agents of the Throne

You are agents of the Throne, in service to the Holy Inquisition; a shadow organisation tasked with keeping the Imperium of Man safe from threats internal.

A corrupted noble has been tracked to a mining colony on the planet Tanis Minora.
The seers claim that he aims to conduct a ritual there with technology long since buried.
They claim it will tear apart all that the Imperium is and has been.
Your team has been hastily assembled.
You don’t know what dangers lie in wait.
Only two things are certain.
You must stop the ritual, and
The Emperor Protects.

System: Agents of the Throne (custom system, no prior experience required)
Dice required: 4d6 & 4d10
2-6 Players
Estimated time: 4 hours

Star Wars – Edge of the Empire (Introductory Boxed Set)

Working for Jabba the Hutt just isn’t working out. It’s time to move on and make a new life for yourself.
Unfortunately Jabba didn’t take your resignation well. Can you dodge his hired goons and make it off planet before he catches up with you? Find out in the Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG.

System: Edge of the Empire
2-4 Players
Estimated time: 4-6 hours