More games looking for players

We’ve got two more games currently looking for players.

The GM who is already running the Hoard of the Dragon Queen D&D 5E campaign is starting a second group playing through the same campaign, in a different time slot. The second group will be playing in the afternoon (12:30 PM till about 5 PM), fortnightly, starting Feb 25th. There are currently 3 or 4 players signed up, and more players are welcome.

Another Ars Magica 5E game is starting up and looking for more players. It will be set in 1220 on the Isle of Man, on the border between the Stonehenge, Hyborean, and Loch Leglean tribunals of wizardry (ie, in the midst of England, Ireland and Scotland). Currently 2-3 players are signed up and we really need at least one more for long term sustainability. We can accomodate up to 3 more players. This game will be running in Week A evening slots: fortnightly, starting Feb 18th, starting at roughly 6:30 PM, finishing between 10 PM and midnight for most sessions. New players are welcome. No prior experience necessary.

Please email to register for these games.