Open Day Games: The Great Train Robbery, and Pirates vs Redcoats

Here are two more games you could play at the Open Day!

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J.P. Murdoch. Businessman, entrepreneur, politician, ladies man, exceedingly wealthy low down dirty scoundrel and murderer. This is the man you have been dying to get revenge on for the last few years of your lives, and now in a quaint little town called Destiny, the chance has arisen. Some time during the next few days Murdoch will be travelling through the town by train and the rumours say he has a whole lot of cash with him. This might be the best chance you’ll ever have to steal a piece of his fortune, and maybe exact some much needed payback on the villain. Can you execute the biggest train robbery of the decade and get out alive? Or will you die in the dust like so many others before you?

SYSTEM: Sidewinder – D20 Wild West

Players, 4-5

Duration 3-4 Hours



Join Mister Aldous Flynn, Captain of the Narwhale, expelled English Navy Lieutenant and notorious Pirate of the Caribbean as he plunders his way across the seven seas. It is the golden age of Piracy, you are free men and women making a living by raiding the trade ships. Avoid the bad weather, hide from the Redcoats and the Spanish Galleons and seek your fortune wherever it may lie. Two items of interest have come to your attention recently. Firstly, the Spanish have established a new gold mine and an expensive source has given insight into their transport route, and secondly, word has arrived from England that a terrifying new type of ship has been dispatched with the sole purpose of hunting pirates. It is said to be bigger, faster and more heavily armed than any other ship before it. Is this the end of piracy as you know it, or just some false rumour created to scare the outlaws of the New World?


Players 4-5

Duration 3-4 Hours


These games are brought to the Guild by the good folks of the “Final Frontiers” Perth RPG Meetup group.

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